As a leading branding agency Edinburgh, we would like to take a moment to talk how great branding sells, whether a little or large organisation.

If you are a small business you may believe that slick branding only works effectively for larger organisations. That may be true if you are a local window cleaner and not struggling to compete within a flock of other window cleaners. However image and reputation does matter for all businesses and here at BRAW we believe creating a strong brand image is an essential way to ensure your company is seen in the best possible light at all times.

Branding goes much further than just a logo and in fact encompasses factors such as web presence to the general image your staff portrays. It is important that all these features of your brand align to present a polished lasting impression.

The Power of Branding:

 If you think about it, your brand logo is the face of your company and should set your business apart from competition. A well designed logo creates the desired look of professionalism and consumers can identify with your company. The logo should be seen as an investment as this is the first impression customers will have of your brand. Your logo should be sharp and crisp to allow your brand to stand out from competitors. Aligning this across your whole business is essential to imposing a great impression for any potential customer viewing your website.

Corporate Materials:
 You never know where you might meet your next client, whether it is on the bus or even over a pint in your local pub. From your initial business cards through to your brochures and banners, it is important your branding design aligns visually and connects with customers to create a great first impression. Creating a brand can give your business a voice and ensure the client remembers you.

Brand Guidelines:
 After spending time building a brand you wouldn’t want your business getting confused with another which is nowhere near as good as yours now would you? Setting brand guidelines can create uniformity across all platforms your brand is visible. Sticking to a style and format will allow for clients to always identify with your business and know it is your great products and services they are engaging with.

Brand Guidelines allow all of your staff to follow the rules when representing your brand, from colour tones and usable fonts to how and how not to use the company logo on various materials.

Web Presence:  Having a professional website is a huge opportunity to advertise your business. Your visual web representation should align with your logo and brand guidelines to ensure your business is delivering a coherent message. Investing in a professional website shows customers that you value your business and leaves potential customers with confidence that you are the company they should do business with.

You and Your Staff:
Brand image goes much further than just having a standout logo, great materials and website. First establish the right tone for your brand and your staff will be responsible for representing this tone throughout their work, communications and even presentation. The way your staff represent your business is key to attaining new customers and creating a professional manner in which customers will trust.

Creative agencies or charities for instance may feel that a more informal dress wear and relaxed conversational speech allows clients to feel more comfortable, however you wouldn’t expect your lawyer to turn up to a meeting in jeans and a hoody. Some industries will thus focus on paying more attention to tailored suits and parker pens as the way to go…

Each aspect of how your staff walk the walk, can align the brand identity across the whole business and help attract new clients. For any size of business this is a great way to create a professional first impression.

Remember, little or large – great branding sells. So no matter what size of business you are it is worth taking note that branding goes much further than just your logo. By investing in the creation of a professional brand strategy that potential customers can relate to increases your chances of driving more engagement and recognition for your brand.

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