Wondering how to start?
Let us shine some light on the areas you should be considering in order to make the world of online sales work for you.

eCommerce simply means selling online. It’s using the world wide audience on the web to promote and sell your products.
For every aspiring company, being online isn’t just an luxury anymore. It’s essential if you want to reach the widest audience possible.

Are you ready to find new customers online?

Millions of people search the web daily for products they desire.  Whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet or computer, your potential new customer base are using search engines to find products.  If your products aren’t on there you can be sure they are buying from your competitors.

If you’ve never built a website, developed a structured marketing campaign or even sent a tweet!  Don’t worry that’s what our experts are here for.

The sheer scale of the world wide web can seem rather daunting to some businesses. Where to start?

We recommend you start by asking yourself some key questions.

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Key questions to begin understanding your online eCommerce goals:

In order to maximise your eCommerce journey we recommend asking yourself the following questions:

– How important are online sales to my business?

If you already have an established offline business, are you looking to grow your customer base online.
A modest investment in eCommerce will allow you drip your toe in the water.
On the other hand, perhaps you’re planning an online-only business? In this case you’ll be required to invest a lot more time and money in your online store.

– Why?
A simple, open-ended question – so you can think about your motivation.
Do you want an eCommerce presence because everybody else has one?
Or because you understand how it could help your business?

– What’s Your Timeframe?

How long will it take for your eCommerce website to start paying off for you?
Will it start becoming profitable in three months, six months, or 24 months?
Analyse your accounts to make some essential forecasts, so you can budget sensibly 🙂

– Are my customers prepared for this?

Online shops are widely-used across the Internet and are proven to be hugely effective.
It’s a must-have addition to almost all businesses. But not all businesses!
Understand your current customer base and make sure that your product/service is something that can attract sales online.

– Is my business ready?
The single most important question of all.
If your investment in an online store is a roaring success it could change your business model overnight.
Make sure you are ready for any new business that comes your way.  Cashflow to fulfil order demands, accounts is order, correct management software, staffing in place, etc.

Embrace your Online Brand:

So you have ready cashflow to invest in your new business plan?  If you plan to take your business in to the eCommerce world straight away BRAW Agency can help you manage the whole process seamlessly.

Some eCommerce business plans can be based around sales on platforms like Amazon or eBay to build cashflow to then fund your very own website. We can provide extensive eCommerce Management systems that allow you to manage multiple stores from one portal (including Amazon and Ebay stores), centralising all your sales figures and reducing your accountancy workload.

From basic ‘click to buy’ products to fully integrated shopping carts with stock control management systems, we have all the expertise to put your mind at easy and manage your orders most effectively.

Always remember that your ecommerce presence is an extension of your brand.
If your website looks cheap and badly made, it will discourage customers.  It’s important that your invest properly and consider all aspect of the user experience, conversion tactics, ease of navigation, and as touched on slick design that instills confidence on your visitors.

So it’s worth investing in professional web design and development.

When selling online you must consider and budget for a server that can handle the size of your product catalog, security requirements such as SSL certificates and Sitelock.
Adding extra security layers can be affordable and allows both you and your customers peace of mind that they are purchasing from a secure site.  Furthermore Google are focusing strongly on ranking (https) secure sites higher as they are more user friendly.

Should you be considering using BRAW Agency please check our reviews and ask for customer references.
We will put your mind at ease and ensure the highest quality work will be delivered.

We will get to know your brand and the different features your site needs to consider, such as shopping-cart applications.
You will also need secure payment processing – especially if you’re taking credit/debit cards.
Our knowledgable and experienced team will leave no stone unturned and will explain all in a jargon free manner.

Have Your New Online Marketing Strategy in Place, Ready for Launch:

Your new online store will allow you to engage with your customers in new and exciting ways.
With eCommerce you can engage in two-way dialogues with potential customers.

Email newsletters
are still very popular, helping you share news and special offers. Your customers can reply easily, to discuss their options with you.

Social Media
Consider what platforms will help maximise coverage and drive traffic to your site.
Essentially, what social channels do your customers engage well with?
Facebook makes it easy to start talking with fans who ‘like’ your products.
Other channels can be used in the same way.  If you offer something of interest, visitors will help you spread the word.
Twitter lets you start discussions with your existing and potential customers. For the best results establish the right tone in which appeals most to your demographic then keep your tweets light, engaging and helpful.

So you now have an online business… now it is important that you budget accordingly in order to invest in the platform that has proven to return the best ROI here at BRAW Agency.  We will walk you through the available PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign Options and the Organic Onsite SEO strategy.
It is crucial that you budget for an ongoing 12 month strategy.  SEO is not a quick fix but be prepared to reap the rewards with our monthly strategy is rolled out.  Monthly meetings and extensive reporting are included to clearly communicate what you are spending your money on and measure your traffic and conversion results accurately.

Reputation Management:
Learn how to start collecting positive reviews and instil confidence in visitors.
Equally you should have a strategy in place to handle any negative feedback.

To start formulating your strategy today,
feel free to drop us a mail and we can offer you some friendly advise:


Our advise to end on would be…

Do Not Cut Corners.
Get professional help from our team of experts to build an online store – creating an eCommece presence that proudly reflects the quality of your brand.


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