When was the last time you spoke to your customer base?
Email Marketing should be an essential part of your marketing plan. This is a somewhat underrated form of digital marketing which has the potential open up many doors for your business. Today in marketing many companies are only focused on the growth of social media, however when you have a database of customers who still check their emails every day, it makes sense to connect with customers through email marketing. Implimenting a consitent and targeted strategy which not only reminds your customers your still around (which is always important) but also understanding your customer base so that you can achieve your goals.

If your main goal is to drive more sales or to produce informative communications you must build a sold strategy which will place you in regular effective communication with your customers. email marketing edinburghUnlike social media, email marketing is a more personal approach and it is no secret that in marketing, personalisation is an effective way to engage with customers. Having an aspect of personalisation leads customers to engage more often with the business than through a social media post and is an effective way to ensure your content reaches consumers directly.

There is a great value in staying connected with customers.  Your customer base has signed up to receive emails thus it is important you keep them up to date on your brand growth. Otherwise you are missing a vital marketing opportunity. Impressing them with your unique benefits will encourage them not only to be customers but ambassadors of your brand. Through offering promotions or providing information on new product launches this can lead to future sales. Who wouldn’t open an email with a freebie inside? It is also a form a marketing which can be easily measured to find out what links have been clicked on and how many people have opened the email, a great benefit for any business as this can enable you to gain a more in-depth understanding of your target market and tailor future marketing campaigns.

So what’s not to love?
If you think about it, how many unread emails do you have in your inbox? If you are like us you will probably have signed up to numerous lists and be constantly reminding yourself to clear out your inbox. The chances are your clients are the same so it is essential you identify the best times to reach your target market and have a subject line which will catch their attention and allow you to start a conversation with your customer.

email marketing edinburgh

Top Tip –
Your subject line can (in some instances) be regarded as more important than the content of the email itself due to the fact it must create the impact needed to
1. notice the email and
2. open the email.
Before creating a subject line it is worth spending time segmenting your marketing and getting to know your customers to ensure your objective is clearly communicated and you can engage on a personal level with each specific sector of your database.
Here are a few strategies we would suggest to make effective use of email marketing and create a stand out subject line to encourage your client base to open your email:

1. Simplicity:
Creating simple and descriptive subject lines can often appeal to customer’s more than cheesy long winded claims. However humour works well if you know your target market well and are confident the message won’t get lost in translation. In order to visually stand out in an inbox list, having a short or one word subject can catch a customer’s attention in a haze of long structured headings. Just using one word will spark readers to question what is in the email and want to find out more.

2. Asking a question:
Having a subject line which is a question rather than a statement instantly engages with readers and often manages to tap into their emotions. For example if you are targeting your customers late afternoon ‘Tired and Needing a Break? is a subject line which many encourage consumers to open your email in agreement and seek further information.

3. Urgency:
Creating a sense of urgency in your subject line can often encourage readers to open your email before others. Phrases such as ‘Ends Tomorrow’ or ‘Hurry Limited Stock’ work well especially if your customer base has signed up for updates. There’s nothing worse than working hard on a project just to see it fail. Before you embark on an email marketing campaign we suggest A/B testing a variety of subject lines to small targeted groups and use the data collected to analyse which one performed better. This will ensure your email has a better chance of being read. When creating your email ensure it clearly communicates your business objectives and is well designed so that you can create a great impression with the customer. Here at BRAW, Edinburgh’s trusted Digital Agency, we think email marketing is a great way to directly build and grow relationships with consumers. And in terms of standing out from the crowd, when is that never important?

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