Internet & Digital Marketing Agency Portobello

BRAW is a digital agency that provides web design and online marketing services to Portobello and Edinburgh. Our team has years of experience in rolling our digital marketing campaigns and we have a highly specialized digital team that knows how to custom campaigns for individual business needs.

  • Monthly Payment Packages
  • Best Digital Agency In Edinburgh
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Years of Digital Experience

So why don’t you let Lang Atholl Agency lead you down the right digital marketing path and help you increase your brand awareness online.

Web Design Portobello

  • E-commerce Experts

  • Responsive mobile and tablet design

  • Wordpress lead generation professionals

  • Best web developers in Edinburgh

  • Years of programming experience.

BRAW’s web developers and designers have been creating websites since the internet started. Yes, we have made our fair share of websites and picked up a lot of experience of the years. There are three key components to a website, aesthetic looks, functionality (payment systems, logins etc.) and conversion rate optimisation. Our team of talented developers combines all three of these aspects and thus our websites help our client’s turnovers.

Advertisement And SEO Services

  • Get first page rankings

  • Monthly SEO packages

  • Local SEO- show up in the map pack

  • Adwords exam passed.

Having a nice website is a good start but unfortunately, people don’t just magically find your site on Google. For your site to rank on the first page considerable SEO work must be done. Our SEO experts have helped countless sites reach page one and helped increase the sites web site conversions. We start with a technical SEO audit which detects any technical and on page issues that need to be fixed. From the audit, we prepare an SEO strategy and work on fixing on page and technical issues. Finally, we start link building and link from niche relevant sites to yours. Finding quality links and guest posting can sometimes cost, so be prepared to put aside a bit of extra budget aside to achieve the best results.

Graphic Design And Branding Portobello

  • Best logo design

  • Business card design

  • Print and online web graphics

Creating a strong brand image is very important for helping your company being seen and remembered. Our graphic design wizards can help you create a logo which reflects the nature of your brand. We cover everything from print  to web design graphics

If you are interested in our services please get in touch, we are always happy to meet up for a coffee.