Writing quality content is a key aspect a successful SEO strategy and we will always stand by this. Achieving quality content does require your more creative writing skills to be put to the test.  You’ve probably noticed that most blogs across various websites you visit are barely readable.  They don’t inspire you and keep you entertained, to stay on the page and keep reading. Now, you don’t have to be Rabbie Burns, but we strongly recommend that you always make the effort to write your posts and content well. But Why? Well, In this Braw Agency blog post, we will give you four reasons why your website content should be well written: seo agency edinburgh

1. “Ah, I understand your message better now!”

When creating a new blog post your aim may be to inform, to entertain or to persuade people. In poorly written posts these objectives are lost. Viewers won’t understand your message, simple as that. All blog posts have a clear message the author wants to get across. Remember, this message is the reason you are writing this blog post. Think clearly about what do you want to say and the message you want to get across. An article on your new store opening, for instance inform people about the date of the grand opening, general opening times, location, why people should visit your new store. If your post is poorly written people simply won’t understand your message correctly. Ensure your blog post is well planned and thought out, following a nice structure and of course free of typos, chances are then greatly enhanced of people understanding the message and your text.

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2. Lower your site’s bounce rate

Nicely written and well structured content will certainly improve the chance that readers will actually remain on your site and read your post. This in turn will result in lower bounce rates, eventually improving your ranking on Google.

3. Establish Trust

Well crafted blog articles will lead to more trust amongst your readers. When content reads well and is typo free, it will carry a professional feel. Such professionalism makes visitors easily trust your blog and your business.  If people trust your blog content, they will most likely return to your site to read your new post, or to purchase your products.

4. More Interaction on Social Media

Well written posts stand more chance of being shared on social media, a better chance of being talked.  For your post to be shared on social media, you have to convince someone to read the article itself.  And most importantly, that someone buy that your post is awesome enough to share on their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or other social media platform.  People will not share badly written blog posts on their social media, because they’ll have become unengaged and stopped reading halfway in to your article…and the message becomes lost.

So, to conclude: quality content leads to higher conversions and higher rankings

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As a highly experienced SEO agency Edinburgh we know that writing amazing blog posts will not instantly improve your ranking. But in the long haul, it will most certainly have a positive effect on your Search Engine Optimisation!  Engaging articles have lower bounce rates and increased chances of receiving social media engagement. Well written blog pieces will result in higher conversions on your website. If your message is clearly understood by your visiting audience then the chances hugely increased that they will return to your website. As the old saying goes…”Content is King”.

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